PR for New York menswear brand Nasty Pig

For this NYC menswear brand, I served as PR, Sales and Social Media Manager.

When I joined Nasty Pig as a Sales and PR Manager, the menswear line was re-branding from a niche fetish supplier to a popular urban clothing brand . The directors of the company enabled my entrepreneurial skills by letting me take the Manhattan flagship store by the reins.

From visual merchandising to devising a social media strategy based on user-generated content, Nasty Pig immersed me into a vibrant, creative community within an electric city, all while looking good doing it.

Throughout my tenure with Nasty Pig, I helped the company break its first-ever $1 million in annual sales. I also helped launched the Shred of Hope campaign charity campaign, where popular ‘shredder’ shirts were auctioned off and all the proceeds donated to local LGBT charities. Launched in 2010, the campaign has now evolved to include celebrity supporters.

SHRED OF HOPE – A fundraiser for the Ali Forney Center, presented by Nasty Pig from Nasty Pig on Vimeo.

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