Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee featured in The Independent

OBE Iqbal Wahab tasted Southern hospitality on a press trip I organised for him – my first for Brand USA

Restaurateur Iqbal Wahab, along with his chef Wyatt Shevlov and foodie writer Neil Davey, wanted to open a Southern food restaurant to London.

I planned for the trip a culinary adventure from starting in New Orleans via Mississippi and concluding in Nashville, Tennessee.

I timed their trip to coincide with a fundraising event taking place in New Orleans where all the region’s and nation’s most renowned chefs would be in attendance.

In addition to securing for the three travellers back-stage access at the fundraising event – where they met ‘queen of creole food’ Leah Chase, Chef John Folse and more – I also organised accommodation and meals across the three Deep South states.

‘Restaurateur Iqbal Wahab is brining authentic New Orleans cuisine to London’

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