LA-based airline Cuba Travel Services, INC. featured in CNN

Working for PR agency CS Communications, I helped secure media coverage in CNN, LA Times and more for charter airline Cuba Travel Services, Inc.

Within the first 100 days in office the Obama Administration reversed the Bush Administration’s travel restrictions to Cuba, making it easier for Cuban-Americans with family on the island to travel back.

As a result of thawing the U.S. embargo on Cuba, In February 2009 Cuba Travel Services re-launched flights from Los Angeles to Havana: Cuban-Americans previously blocked from seeing their family were now able to visit their relatives.

Leading up to the flight, I helped secure media coverage of the flight. I also contributed to the sensitive and nuanced content needed for a press release that needed to be engaging and appropriate.

At LAX on the day of the inaugural flight, I helped – in English and Spanish – facilitate interviews between TV camera crews and passengers.

In addition to CNN, I helped secure media coverage for Cuba Travel Services, Inc. in the Los Angeles Times, the Miami Herald, Havana Journal and more.

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